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Crypto Current Network is your new home for exploring the world of Fintech

Our platform serves as a powerful hub for the discovery and exploration of modern financial technologies, cryptocurrencies, and global finances. Become financially literate with our powerful curriculum and network. Explore potential careers in Financial Technology.
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Discover the world Financial Technology and everything under its enormous umbrella from Crypto to trending investment softwares and applications. Learn advanced technologies to make the Fintech world yours!

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Crypto Current Networking wants to push you out of your comfort zone to become an active member in the Fintech world. It is up to you how much or how little you want to be involved and grow you career.

Bring Fintech to your University

Lead the charge in bringing in a large, resourceful, and supportive organization onto your campus. Show your peers all Fintech has to offer and get job ready through our vast network and supplemental learning approach.

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Once you join the Crypto Current Network family, you are and will always be connected to a society of motivated & bright financial minds looking to make an impact in the Fintech industry.

Free Online Resources

We have created a lot of outstanding free resources and have linked some of our favorites for you in your journey to Fintech greatness.

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Learn to love the intricate and vast world of Financial Technology. Grow personally, in your career, and in your portfolios.

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Fintech for everyone

Join a professional network and meet people like you

Hand in hand, members of Crypto Current Network, will push each other to their very best in their life and careers.

Knowledge = Power

Earn your power by learning through the Crypto Current Network. Learn relevant in-demand skills that will serve you well for your career and life. Yes, you will become financially savvy.

Work, learn, and experience Fintech around the world

Gain meaningful experience through working with some of the world's most prominent Financial Technology companies. Understand the ins and outs of how a modern day Fintech company operates, innovates, and collaborates in their goal towards a brighter financial future.


Aquired by Fintech companies globally during the last year.


Total transaction value of digital payments in 2020.


Of Financial Institutions believe part of their business will be lost to Fintech companies in the next 5 years.


Fintech companies are valued at $1B+

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Bring Crypto Current Network to your University. Serve as the founding member for an organization that empowers our future leaders to take on the Fintech world.

Foster our curriculum

Learn the ins and outs of the Financial Technology industry with our proprietary, well-developed curriculum.

Get ready to take on the Fintech industry

Become equipped to take on one of the fastest growing industries, head on. Make connections, learn Fintech jargon, and master that interview with your dream company.

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