Educating Future Leaders On New Financial Opportunities

Crypto Current Network is a global blockchain and financial technology literacy platform serving to help college students find internships, make connections, and learn about the emerging Financial Technology industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate future leaders on new financial opportunities in Fintech. We plan on accomplishing this through student lead clubs across the top universities starting in the US and expanding internationally.


Our Goal

Our goal is to become the leading Fintech club on all college campuses by providing a high-quality experience to our high-quality members.


About Us


Crypto Current Network was founded to provide an introductory curriculum to college students on the current opportunities in Fintech. We have created educational resources around our four pillars of finance, technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. 


Educating Future Leaders

We provide access to industry leaders for educational content as well as internship opportunities to our members

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Young Professionals

What is Blockchain?

Hungry for Fintech?

Explore our robust curriculum and toolkit filled with instructional videos, documents, and speaker insights. We have curated content from the greatest leaders in the fintech, for you. 

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We have created educational resources around our four pillars of finance, technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.



Our Latest Podcast Episode

Crypto News

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We cannot discuss cryptocurrency storage without talking about cryptocurrency wallets. This brings us to the two types of wallets; have cold wallets and hot wallets. This article shall explore the difference between these two wallets and which one suits you better. 

Before we delve into cold storage wallets and hot storage wallets, do you know what a cryptocurrency wallet is?

Blockchain News

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One of the limitations of blockchain is scalability. Concurrently, Lightning Network is one of the measures of solving it. For cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, scalability has bedeviled the transaction process. When compared to traditional transaction systems like VISAPayPal, and MasterCard, cryptos are still far behind. To put things in perspective, VISA executes about 24,000 transactions per second (TPS) while Bitcoin does a paltry 7 TPS.