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About Us

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About Us


Our national approach is Educating Future Leaders On New Financial Opportunities. Crypto Current Network was founded to provide a robust curriculum to college students on the current opportunities in Fintech. We have created educational resources around our four pillars of finance, technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. Our vast network is home to some of the greatest Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency minds in the world today. 

Our Team

Richard Carthon

Richard is Managing Partner of Multiple Crypto Funds and Podcast Host and a full-time leader and entrepreneur in Web3. Richard began Crypto Current to educate others to make informed cryptocurrency investments, but today aims to spotlight all opportunities across the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is new and unfamiliar to most. Several people invested in cryptocurrency without knowing much about the technology that is supporting the various crypto projects that are going on in the space.

Knowing this, Richard began to research and create content, Crypto Current, to educate himself and inform others so that they could be more educated on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Zach Rubin

Zach is currently a rising Senior at Tulane University studying Management, Architecture Design, and Asian Studies. Zach is a builder, designer, and writer and the former Co-Founder & President of Oh Shoot, a prominent and former New Orleans-based company. He has interned as a UI/UX Designer at a few Tel Aviv-based startups. His passion for design and management has been evident through the founding of Purple Cow Apparel, a clothing company where he served as CEO among other ventures he led. He is a former Venture and Product intern at venture collective, and  was an associate at the Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator

In his free time, he loves to create, design, and invent. He loves to work on graphic design and digital content production. Zach is sincerely passionate about the environment and sustainability. He is also an avid reader and writer. He loves culinary art, architecture, illustration, and design. Furthermore, Zach enjoys playing golf and lacrosse as well.

Kenichi Yamaguchi

Kenichi Yamaguchi is currently a rising senior, BSM double major at Tulane University, focused on Marketing and Legal Studies in Business and minoring in Political Science. He has traveled to 35 states, lived in three countries, and is particularly interested in the intersection of East Asian politics, athletics, e-commerce, and the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns.
He specializes in importing and exporting logistics from China to the world, as well as semiconductor productions and rare earth metals distributions.
Outside of work, he is an avid drummer and a culinary enthusiast. Kenichi has worked previously as a Marketing Intern for Van Hao Sports, the biggest soccer agency in China and Co-President of a private importing and exporting firm in Hong Kong.

Kenichi is currently interning for Longvue Capital as a Business Development intern. During his free time, he loves to engage in sports media and sports-related data analytics.



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